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Louisville School of Massage

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Student Clinic

The Student Experience

The Student Clinic plays a vital role in the educational process of the students at Louisville School of Massage. Over the course of 16 weeks, students who have progressed to Massage II (having already completed Massage I) will work on 30 clients in a setting intentionally designed to mirror the professional massage setting. 

Throughout the Clinic experience, students refine their hands-on mastery while immediately implementing the classroom learning in a real-world setting. Students become comfortable with greeting clients, reviewing health history forms, developing and implementing a treatment plan, processing payments, and even rescheduling clients. All these skills are the skills necessary to obtain a thriving massage career upon graduation and licensure.

Interested in becoming a student? Click to request more information: Request More Information.

The Client Experience

What better way to participate in the educational process of our students than to allow them to work on you in a real-world massage setting!? Student Clinic sessions are a full hour of hands-on work (assuming client's on-time arrival). While each week students focus on implementing and refining what they are learning in the classroom, time may also be devoted to addressing any specific concerns you may have. 

Each session is conducted by a student and supervised by a Licensed Massage Therapist. As a thank you for allowing our students to work on you and completing a brief evaluation, these sessions are offered at only $40/hour. Schedule varies by semester, so please call the office: 502-429-5765 or follow us on Facebook for current availability. 


Sessions are conducted by a student. Clients may not request a specific gender, but may request a specific student you may be familiar with. If you feel you need specific or more advanced work/modality, please schedule with one of our Licensed Massage Therapists at Stillpoint Wellness Center