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Louisville School of Massage

Kentucky's premier massage school since 1986!

Kentucky's premier massage school since 1986!

Kentucky's premier massage school since 1986!Kentucky's premier massage school since 1986!Kentucky's premier massage school since 1986!

Our Story

The Early Years

Louisville School of Massage was founded by Brent & Katherine Williams in 1986. During that time, licensure for massage was unheard of and formal education was virtually non existent. Brent saw a need for competent Massage Therapists who were highly skilled in helping clients to heal the mind, body and soul. 

Since our early and humble beginnings, establishing the standards by which our profession would become measured, LSM has maintained the highest standards throughout the region. 

Our Present

In 2015, Brent & Katherine decided to enjoy full retirement (it IS possible as an LMT to retire!) and passed the baton to Donald Taylor, an LSM graduate in private practice. 

Donald came to massage therapy as a mid-life career change seeking holistic ways to treat chronic pain and help clients heal from the lingering effects of trauma. The appeal of LSM to Donald was going above and beyond state minimum standards and the long-standing tradition of not just teaching massage therapy, but inspiring Massage Therapists. 

Our Future

You. You are our future. Whether you are a massage client or a future massage therapist. We take seriously our devotion and responsibility to inspire and educate the next generation of Licensed Massage Therapists. 

Our program will continue to exceed state minimum requirements and surpass state and national pass rates for the MBLEx. More than that, we are committed to do more than merely educate on the mechanics and technical skills required to be an LMT, we are passionate about inspiring AND educating Massage Therapists. 

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We would love to schedule a personal tour, or include you in one of our program presentations. Please e-mail or call to schedule at your convenience. 

Louisville School of Massage

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